4 Winning reasons to choose Johnny Brown

The best program for studio owners

Sell dancewear online
Have your own complimentary e-shop personalized with your content, images, logo, colors and products. Your website will be very easy to set up and you will have a dedicated team at Johnny Brown to answer any questions.
Save time
Having your students buying the right uniform for their dance class is a crucial need for a dance studio. As a member of our Partnership program, we take care of inventory, customer service, shipping, returns, website maintenance and more, so you can focus on your core business.
A new service for your students
They can get everything they need in one place without leaving their home. With the collections you create for each dance class, it’s very easy for them to select the correct product while offering them convenience and the best brands at competitive prices.
Earn money
Get 10-25% cashback on every sale you make in your e-shop. It is YOUR e-shop, YOUR students, YOUR sales and YOUR branding. We only take processing fees on each item sold for inventory, website maintenance, shipping, customer service management we provide you with.